Some say that from life without limits is only a dream, but after knowing the story of this incredible bodybuilders, you will believe. They have shown that you can do anything if you have the heart and the will.
They make something that looks impossible to possible. They don’t surrender to their weakness. Instead of crying the misery, these amazing people work hard to use bodybuilding as their way to get up. It’s very inspiring.

Collin Clarke
Down Syndrome Doesn’t Hold Him
Collin ClarkeHe is a 22 years old American, who have down syndrome problem. His genetic problem can lead to reduced muscle tone and below-average weight and length. But it does not hold Clarke to participate in one of body builder contest in Louisville, Kentucky on Sunday (22/11). He got success as the fifth rank on the tournament.

Raymond Moon
Age Is Nothing For Moon
Raymond MoonAge is nothing. An Australian, Raymond Moon prove it. As the 83 elderly people, he still braves enough to compete in a body builder competition, World Fitness Federation International Championships in Melbourne, Australia in 2013. He didn’t win a medal, but he got recognition as the oldest person who participate in a body builder competition.




Giuliano Stroe
World’s Youngest Bodybuilder
Giuliano StroeWhat do you do at age 7? A Romanian kid, Giuliano Stroe has broken a record as the world youngest bodybuilder at this age. He started to exercise in early age. His parents didn’t push him to join the gym. As a kid, Stroe has enjoyed lifting the dumbbells than playing.





Zach Zeiler
Cancer Patient Who Become A Bodybuilder
Zach ZeilerNobody wants to get cancer, but Zach Zeiler has shown us how to beat the disease. Zeiler is a 21 years old American, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2009. But he refuses to surrender. His anger becomes an energy to start exercise. Five years laters Zeiler ‘s weight grow from 45 kg to 79 kg.

Billy Simmonds
A Vegetarian Who Have A Great Body
Billy SimmondsYou need protein to grow your muscle. But somehow a vegetarian Billy Simmonds still has a great body. He turned vegan in 2010 and has been vegetarian since 2002. It doesn’t hold to winning Mr. Natural Universe Competition in 2009 in his country, Australia

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