• Time Sand 2The elegant decorative item. — Are you looking an impressive decorative at your desk? It’s the one you are looking for. Time sand wrought iron made from premium metal. It’s also 100 percent handmade that make this figurine as a state of the art. You can put anywhere like at the office desk, coffee table, nightstand, shelves, etc. The figure looks stand out and make the table beautiful.
  • Long lasting figurine.—If You want the great decorative item that will not damage over time; it is the one. It will be shiny all the time because made from premium metal and has gone through antioxidant solder plating process
  • Time Sand 1Best timekeeper.—Special glass and high-quality sand glass will make the item very convenient as a timekeeper. When turned upside down, the sand will drain to the bottom in approximately 20 seconds. The time will be consistent all the time. You can count on this time to establish your time system.
  • Fun”Time Out” System.—Sometimes you play chess, poker, or scrabble with your colleague and you need timekeeper. Time sand wrought iron will help everything become easier and fun because the sandglass sensation. Go fun and enjoy your time with this item.
  • Memorable and Unique Gift.—As an elegant and impressive decorative item, time sand wrought iron will be a great and unique gift for the loves or a colleague. The design and the material are unique. It is a guarantee to a memorable gift ever.


Product Description

Time Sand 3Time sand wrought iron. We all know that we are not count on a sandglass again to count the time, but this figurine is unique. It can make you back to an old time when everything looks romantic. If you love a vintage item, you should not ignore this product.

Made from premium metal, special glass, and high-quality sandglass, time sand wrought iron have an excellent durability. It will shine over the time. You don’t need to worry about the scratch, or it will blur after a long time because it has gone through antioxidant solder plating process.

The figurine is also a piece of arts. It is 100 percent handmade. That is why it looks so beautiful as a decorative item. It is only 4.7 x 2.4 x 5.5 inches. You can put anywhere from the office table or the coffee table, and it will be impressive decorative figurine.

The sand timer is also a fun stuff to enjoying the time. You can use it as a fun timekeeper when you play poker, scrabble, or chess. It needs 20 seconds to empty the upper are of the glass.

That’s why time sand wrought iron will be a great gift for the lovers one or your colleague. It is the unique timekeeper, and they will remember you as a great person to give it as a present. What are you waiting? Go and get them ASAP.

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