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Sometimes it nicknamed as J-Town. As the most populous city in Indonesia with more than 11 million peoples live there, Jakarta has the other nicknamed. Jakarta is also known as The Big Durian because as big as New York who called The Big Apple.

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It’s become the center of everything in Indonesia like economic, business, politics, and culture. Unfortunately, it’s made Jakarta very crowded. The traffic is one the worst in the world. If you can handle that, Jakarta still offers a lot of things. As Indonesian says, “Apa saja ada di Jakarta,” which mean you can get everything in Jakarta, there are many things to do in Jakarta.

Exploring Kota Tua
Kota Tua in Bahasa Indonesia means Old City. It’s an older part of Jakarta when still called as Batavia. At Kota Tua, you can go back to ancient Jakarta. There are six historical sites that you can explore.
Try to walk or rent a bicycle to enjoying Kota Tua. Best time to go there is in the evening or in the morning to avoid the sun. There are four museums that offer different collection. Museum Fatahillah is the biggest one, a Jakarta’s historic sanctuary.
Museum Wayang has another attraction. It’s showing many kinds of the puppet from all over Indonesia. But you can’t miss Museum Bank Mandiri. It’s an economic museum that hosts a collection of items related to colonial banking activities.
The last one is Museum Bahari. The museum focuses on the maritime history of Indonesia. Located near Sunda Kelapa Harbor, you can walk over there to watch an exotic harbor activity. The best time to go there is in the morning when a lot of fishing ship offloads their catch.

Tasting Indonesian Food
Indonesian food is not only sate or nasi goreng. There are many kinds of foods that you should try. Luckily you are in Jakarta. You can find every kind of food from across the country there. Try to go to Jalan Boulevard at Kelapa Gading area. But you will need a week to taste food in all the restaurant over there.

Chilling In The Park

Jakarta 3
In the past, it’s hard to find a green area in Jakarta. But, recently the city government try to change that. They make and renovating so many parks in Jakarta. They want the parks to become the public space area. Try to enjoy the garden or jogging in Taman Menteng.

Keep Your Eye Open In The Night
Like all of the metropolitan city, Jakarta never sleeps. If you have energy, you can enjoy Jakarta’s nightlife. Go to Kemang area. There are a lot of clubs and cafes. It’s not easy to choose, but Tipsy one of the recommended place.

Shopping and Shopping
As a major economic center in Indonesia, you can find many shopping areas in Jakarta. Don’t worry about the price. It’s very cheap for a quality stuff. Go to the Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua to find a fashion item in bargain price.

Hunting An Antique Stuff
If your heart is beating when seeing an old stuff, don’t hesitate to go to Jalan Surabaya. Famous people like Mick Jagger, Sharon Stone, and Bill Clinton have visited this street. You can find many shops that sell antiques from porcelain, puppet, wooden sculptures, and much more.

Coffee Tasting
In the recent years, coffee shop booming in Jakarta. It’s a good thing for coffee mania person because you can taste many kinds of coffee. Try to taste some local coffee like Anomaly Cafe in Jalan Senopati. You can pick many types of Indonesian coffee. If you are a coffee lover, you can’t be disappointed when enjoying Indonesian coffee like Toraja, Gayo, Mandailing, or Papua.

Getaway To the Pristine Beach

Jakarta 2
You won’t believe it. Jakarta has an island with white sand and pristine water. Just go to Kepulauan Seribu to relax and getaway from the hectic and crowded Jakarta. It just takes one or 1,5-hour travel by boat from Marina Ancol Harbor. Pick Pulau Macan as your destination. You won’t disappointed.

Mall Tour
In every corner of Jakarta, you can find the mall. Jakarta has more than 173 shopping malls. You can enjoy and do many things in the mall. The big malls like Grand Indonesia, Senayan City, Central Park, Mall Kelapa Gading, or Pacific Place have everything from the shopping site, dining area, until entertainment or sports area. Open your wallet and spend your money to enjoy everything in the malls.

Enjoying The Exhibition
There so many events to enjoy in Jakarta. You can find the show from art, entertainment, and business event in a place like Jakarta Convention Hall. Just search the schedule to arrange an event that you loved most.

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